11 October 2012

The Show Marathon of Bucarest/Romania

Somewhere mid this year I got hit by lightning and had serious thoughts to drive to the European Show in Bucharest, Romania. 2300 Km single trip for 3 days showing . The judges where interesting for both our breeds. In stead of driving there was the possibility of flying. But with 2 OES and one Beardie, not doable. Luckily enough, there where friendly people asking me if I still had all 7 in a row and that shows, like this are made by professional handlers. Besides, buses full of exhibitors from Russia control everything. So: From Mammoth Shows like this you should stay away.

But Denisa and Lenka from the Czech Republic, came with Ch. Hot’n Spicy aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal and Lenka with her Beardie. However, the organization had only gotten a 50% entry. Due to this a lot of judges had to be changed. Apparently it was to expensive for the contesters to participate if even you had to pay for a spot at the ring.

During the first day in Plouestri, Mrs. Talvitie from Finland judged. “Hot’n Spicy” became CAC and the Res-CACIB, behind the well known male “Bottom Shaker my Secret”, who won the complete show. He is a son of our famous “Zecret Zorro aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”. So far so good. Than, 2 days later,  the Winner Show of Bucarest. Mrs Janiek Steinbock from Israel judged and it is better said that she judged the only two adult dogs straight into their graves. Hot and Spicy didn’t do anything at all, because she thought he was too much cow hocked. The much winning  bitch  “Record Breaking Show girl of Bayroeth de Eden”, from Spain and a daughter of Ch. Cockpit aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal also didn’t do anything at all. She was had a too much raising top line (thank God, because this is a standard with the OES) and too much angulation in front and rear. A OES should have, according to her, almost no angulations. This really has got nothing to do anymore with the Breed Standard, that has been made for the OES, but probably forgotten to read by the judge. Who is going to do something about this? No one! Because a judge is unvoilable. However, whenever, someone makes so many mistakes during judging, you should not think about creating a Commission who looks into judging mistakes?!

At the big European Show, Mrs. Liesbeth Mach from Switzerland judged instead of a Spanish judge. She made Spicy 2nd in he Open Class

Kadance aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal“, living in Bucharest and just 9 months old, got a Very Good 2 from her. Her owner, Dana Dogaru, received the following comment: “Wow,  completely pigmented eyes, beautiful! Only nine months, it looks great, but I like dogs more compact.”

Unfortunately, the pictures I received where made by Iphone and unsharp. I hope for other pictures as soon as everybody is back home.