From left to right: Merlin, Texas, his sister Bandita and Texas daughter Ukkie

About Elbe-Urstromtal

The affix “aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” is as wellknown in the dogworld as the big “M” of McDonalds. The year 1973 brought me my first litter so that makes me breeding for over 48 years. Since 2007 I live together with my husband Harry ( moved out in August 2015) in Maaseik, Belgium. For almost 40 year, I have bred many of pure Old English Sheepdogs and I am still going on.

Since 1988 I also breed Bearded Collies. For more information about Firstprizebears-Beardies, you can go to the website.

The history of my kennel started in 1971 when I finally was able to have my own dog. With Cora vom Glinder Berg I did my first show on may 28th 1972  and 2 years later I bred my first litter.
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Since 1971 my life is ran by dogs. We keep between 6 and 10 dogs, of which 6 or 7 own and the rest are visitors. To breed with 2 different breeds is not always simple. Normally we have two litters of Bobtails and 2 of Bearded Collies per year. So our weeks are always filled. The breeding of Bearded Collies will be history soon.
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Since 2007 we live in the wonderfull Maaseik, the dogs have fun and can run over 3600 m2.

Impression: The front garden and entranceImpression: The front garden and entranceImpression: The dog houseImpression: The back gardenImpression: The back gardenImpression: The back garden with the puppyrenImpression: The back garden with the pondImpression: The back garden with the yard for the dogsImpression: Fun for the dogs, the yardImpression: The back yardImpression: The back yard filled with dogsImpression: The kitchen with our litter box