30 December 2012

“Sockes” puppies 2 weeks old

Today, two weeks ago, the puppies of “Socke” and Herci where born. All are satisfied, round and healthy. The weights have trippled and with 2 weeks they will have their first wormcure. During the day, every 3 to 4 hours, when Socke nurses her puppies, there is a bottle with Esbilac puppymilk, so that all puppies can drink at the same time. Socke only has 8 nipples and with 10 puppies, always 2 are complaining because they have nothing to drink. Ofcourse, the 3 heaviest puppies are shuffing the smallest ones byside. But this is where we come in to help by giving the biggest ones a bottle, so the smallest ones can drink. As you can see on the pictures, there are “slit-eyes”, meaning that the eyes slowly start to open up. I am curious to see the colour. I mean if they alle have brown eyes. Socke is eating and drinking alot, which is normal seen the amount of milk she has to produce. Yesterday I had to brush her once more, because of the tangles she produces when laying for so long, that you can hardly get out.

Socke with her 10 sibblings in front of the welpingbox, which is cleaned by me in the meantime


4 males with a white head


3 males with a patch on their head


3 girls


and again all 10