29 January 2013

Socke’s puppies 6 weeks

This will be the last pictures of this litter. That is, because all puppies have found good and perfect families. With this litter, I am more than satisfied and am very pleased with their type and great characters. Just as it should be.

Almost all of the 10 little bears weigh, with 6 weeks,  5 kg. Except for the ladies, who weigh a little less, because they pay attention to their weights. Off course they had another worm cure. The veterinarian had implanted the chips, investigated all of them and was 100% satisfied. Of all the puppies a DNA sample has been taken. Now they will test if they are the children, from the parents that I have declared to be. As soon as everything is checked and all is okay, the papers will come. 2 puppies will have to stay a bit longer, because they will have to get their vaccination against rabies first, so they can be exported afterwards. Yeah yeah, it is not that easy. The eat like a whole football team and meat is always the highlight. Last Sunday they had a whole fresh chicken for the first time. Walked into the house to get my camera, received a phone call and when I came back in the kennel everything was split up and most of it was eaten! They where enorm fast! The shutter to get outside is known and now they run in full speed in and out. Outside, in the indoor kennel, they than lay on the swing or on the rotary disc. They don’t fear anything and are very curious. Saturday the Christ family was visiting again and that was the opportunity to make pictures again. The Christ family will be missed once they have their puppy and do not come here anymore. From this side I would like to say thank you once more.

The 6 males, Lord Lester, Lancelot, Lagerfeld, Lets Dance, Let it be, Leonardo and Lets go.


our 3 girls.


They will travel to Russia, Poland, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

The last bits of the chicken.



afterwards they are very tired and have to do their afternoon sleep first. Off course they all want to sleep in the “cave”, but here the space is limited.


and than you have to sleep somewhere else.



the honored photocrew, the Chrsit family. Onlt Mr. Christ is missing in the pictures, as he was constantly standing behind the camera.