13 January 2013

4 weeks old

We are halfway. Another 4 weeks and than these puppies go to their new owners. However for 2 males we are still searching for new parents. Today at an age of 4 weeks, weighing was announced. The males all weigh almost 2500 gr. except for the 2 little ones they weigh 1700 gr. The same weight as the girls have. The Milbimax wurm cure all take without any problems. All puppies have wonderful brown eyes and I mean wonderful brown. Something that has become seldom in our breed. The pigment is also coming through. The bite is looking correct and the males are real males and all have their testicles. They have beautiful heads with wonderful expressions, long necks are short bodies and perfect angulations. You can say, they have everything I am looking for in a promising puppy. In the mean time the complete kennel is to their disposal. To my biggest joy they are “clean” puppies. They start to use the last part of their kennel if they have to go potty and when they have to do a big message. This is not always common with a bobtail puppy. Most of the time they do their message where they are standing  and everything look like a pigstable. That is completely different with our  Beardie puppies. They are always very CLEAN. Feeding is planned 4 times a day, with REGAL Puppy and Terra Canis tinfood. Always at body temperature. During the coming days we will start practicing with cottagecheese and minced meat and see if they like it. Of course is mother Socke regularly with them to wash and give them milk after eating.

In the big kennel

4 Wochen neuer Auslauf

Mama Socke, nursing her puppies

4 weeks

3 males with masks


the other 4 males


the 3 girls.