15 April 2014

Socke puppies 5 weeks

Yesterday, Monday, the group of 10 Bobtail puppies became 5 weeks old. The pictures have been taken on Sunday, so very current. Unfortunately I got the flu on Monday and today, due to which you had to wait longer on your weekly pictures. The puppies have gotten 4 new friends. The 4 Hazel puppies have moved in with them. Everything went without any problems and they have lots of fun together. In the mean time they at large portions of food. The highlight is the daily portion of fresh meat. 20% cottage cheese they have tried and they liked it. Every now and then they get chicken wings of thighs and that keeps them busy for a while. I enjoy the time in watching them. The new owners have pointed out their puppies and can hardly wait until the day that they can pick up their puppy. 2 puppies will fly to the United States and one has to stay with us until the beginning of Juli before driving through the Euro tunnel to his new owner.

Our “Nevermind”, the beautiful bitch with white head, is still looking for a new home. She is the one on the right.


together with the Beardie puppies an afternoon nap is kept. A part of them is laying inside and the real diehards are laying outside on the swing.


on the swing


the Star Picture of the 5 males


the 5 girls.


on the right, “Nevermind”. She is still available.