11 April 2014

Socke puppies, 4 weeks

On Monday, Socke her puppies where 4 weeks old. Time for a second wurm cure. They now all live in the large kindergarden and discover themselves and their surroundings. The bowl with food is largely filled and is eaten from with lots of pleasure. Once a day they get fresh meat and than the desire is very large at the bowl. The little ones now play very kindly with eachother and even have small power games amongst them. Everything very short and intensively and afterwards they search for a place to sleep and the peace has returned.

A lot to discover in the puppy run


around the food bowl is always someting going on


they all find a place to sleep.


The “puppy egg” is beloved as a place to sleep in.


Today, Wednesday, it also happened with our OES puppies. The hatch to get outside was opened up and had to be investigated. But the confidence to go outside was still missing. The cup is used as support to keep the hatch open.


it is all very exciting


As last, the weekly Glamour Photo.

The 5 males


the 5 girls