1 April 2014

Socke puppies 2 weeks and 5 days

Sockes puppies are doing well in their new surrounding and have accepted the large space. The large “hugging-dog” is very much used as a resting place. Three times per day the little ones are very busy with the eating of their meals. As always, Terra Canis out of a can mixed with a little Esbilac Puppy Milk powder. Mother Socke cleans her puppies until they shine and eats all left over. With 2 weeks, standard, they had their first worm cure. On Saturday was the photo shoot and the large “puppy-egg” had his first run. One of the five girls is still looking for a new address.

the 5 males.


and again the 5 males


the girls also had to pose in and outside the egg




now, not quite as neat and clean anymore, during dinner


this makes you tired.


and all sleep well