22 April 2014

Socke puppies, 6 weeks

Yesterday, Sock’s puppies where 6 weeks old. Today our veterinarian Mrs. Vanholen has vaccinated all of them, gave them a chip and checked them out very well. All where healthy, all males are real man, no naval rupture and no problems with their bite. It are powerful puppies, who in the mean time eat tremendous amounts of food. The highlight on their menu is the daily portion of fresh meat. The group is kept busy with chicken wings and legs and what ever can be found in raw munchies, suitable for puppies. Within 14 days almost all of them will leave us to Danmark, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and the United States. Two will fly on 22nd May from Amsterdam to Boston and Newark. One male will stay with us until the beginning of July, when he is old enough and authorised to enter the United Kingdom. Only our “Nevermind” is still available. She has her own page, where you can find all detail regarding this charming young lady.

the 5 males: Never Enough for Olga, Never Walk alone for Rachel, Never can say goodby becomes Westfalian, Never too late goes to Austria and Never Forget you is for Stephen in Boston


the 5 girls: Neverknow for Douwe in Zeeland (NL), Neverland becomes Danish, Never say Never moves to the Ruhr Area, Nevermind is still available and Never Let you go is for Robert in Newark

6 weeks 5 girls Socke

the afternoon nap is, with beautiful weather, done outside.


“Nevermind” is still available