11 July 2012


Saturdaymorning at 06.30 we left in sunny shining weather. Until the Tunnel in Calais/F, the weather was perfect. When we came out of the tunnel, around 11.00 hrs, in Dover it was raining cats and dogs and we had 18 degrees C. Until Peterborough (approx. 260 Km north of Dover)  we kept this weather. That afternoon we visited the Showground and it was just terrible. The parkinglots looked like a landscape full of lakes and the outside rings and tents where good enough to keep mudfights in. These circumstances are tragic to a participant but also to the many standholders who wanted to sell something. In the afternoon it was dry, so that we could pay a visit to Peterborough. In  the evening we met with friends and once more it was a pleasant evening in a Harvester Restaurant. “Doro”was the only dog, for whom this journey was made.  That was relaxing and only 4 paws that had to be packed in boots for a walk. Sundaymorning around 07.00, it rained lightly, a quick pee for Doro and rushing to the hall. Thank God the Manager had done everything possible that the dogs could be judged inside. It was tide but relaxing. Mr. Russel Jones had approximately 50 OES to judge. Our breed was on first and at 12.00 our “Ch. Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtalbecame Best of Breed and won her first CC in the Land of Origine of this breed. We, that is Harry and I, were super happy. Now the waiting for the Main Ring started and that took ages…  Our shuttle would depart at 19.20 English time and the last check-in was at 18.50. Just after five we were done and Doro was amongst the last 8 in a giant Pastoral Group. Harry had already packed everything and in just a few minutes we where on our way. Everything went well, no trafficjam at the Dartford Tunnel. Harry had received one single remark: Who brakes loses!! At 18.45 we checked in and at 19.10 our train started. Around 20.30 we where at the French side. Quickly a pee break for Doro and a few pieces of chicken filet from Kentucky Fried Chicken. 1200 Km late, around midnight, we where home again. Harry’s alarmclock went of at 05.oo. The road to success doesn’t go over roses.

Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal 23 months old wins her first CC


Doro together with her competitors in the Open Class

Peterborough Open-bitches

Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal BOB, Judge Mr. Jones and Best Male “Mellowdee Major Tom”

Peterborough BOS-and-BOB-with-Judge-R

Doro in the Big Ring where she was judged by Mrs. Kayne.


and a wonderful movement she also has