19 December 2012

LKA Birmingham

LKA is the abbreviation for Ladies Kennel Association, who hold their annual Show in the NEC in Birmingham. This years judge was Mister Colin Barnes from Macopa OES. Exactly ten years ago, he also judged here and my famous “Y’Lookalike aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” won the 3rd CC and so with the Title of English Champion. The first, on the main land living dog who had won this title. Reasons enough to try with “Jadore”, to gain another CC. Chris Beirendonk had let herself talk into it to coming with me, with the father of Jadore, “Inconito of Snowbootbears” (Enco). In 2011, he had won the CC at CRUFTS and therefore not quite uninteresting to share the trip together with me. Around 08.00 on Friday morning the journey started, after I had picked up Chris and Enco and at 12.30 we where already en route with the train to Dover. In the car was “Wolfie”, a 4 month old sky terrier male, bred by my friend Lenka Klimova, sold to people from Scotland and was supposed to be picked up in Birmingham by his new owner. As we came out of the Tunnel, it was raining cats and dogs and didn’t stop until we arrived at the Hotel at the NEC (National Exhibiton Center). In fact on a Friday you should not be driving in the UK. Traffic jam after traffic jam and although there are 4 lanes on the motorway, people stay driving utmost right or in the second lane from the right. Also the trucks…… The lanes one and two almost empty. No one even think about it to go back to the left. This is something I can get really upset about. The Metropole Hotel is ideal, if showing at the NEC, because you are on walking distance. Wolfie was picked up, Doro and Enco “parked” in the hotel room and we went for dinner. Afterwards we had a very pleasant evening and enjoyed for free. In the hotel, a “Dr. House convention” took place and we saw the most incredible persons, who had dressed in the most remarkable costumes. A very large movie for free. The next morning we could have slept in, because 116 doberman where judged before us. However, we didn’t want to be too late in the hall and started at 09.00. After which the long waiting started. Judge number one had no hurry and around 13.30 hrs, the ring was still in use. Luckily there was a free ring available in which Mr. Barnes could start to judge the 56 entered OES’. Chris, unfortunately, did not have so much luck and found herself placed on 3rd in the Open Class Males. Pity, I thought Enco was best. Finally it was my turn to go in to the ring with Doro. She won the Open Class and became Best Bitch. After this she won  Best Of Breed and I was more than satisfied. It was 17.00 hrs and we had to wait again until the large Pastoral Group, comparable with Group 1 at our shows, was getting judged. Doro was fit as a fiddle, but the judge had no eyes for us. The well known winners of 2012  from the UK where placed. My face is no that well known in the UK amongst the non International Judges and that makes it hard to win anything, no matter if you have a Top Dog or not. At 19.30 we could finally start packing the car. At that moment I received the message that my bitch at home had decided to give birth to her babies at day 58. Meaning: unexpectedly. PANIC!!!! Quickly contacted my Liesbeth Vanholen, the veterinarian and within 10 minutes she was at our house. Mister Bechstedt also had to be called in, so that our poor Daisy (our Dog and Home sitter) had enough support with the birth of the puppies.  We still had 658 Km in front of us. Of course I drove like a maniac to Dover, to fast and with too much risk, but our guardian angel was with us. HOWEVER…… 6 minutes too late at the Tunnel, made that the train of 23.00 hrs had departed. Nothing else, than waiting patiently, could help and we had to wait for 1,5 hours before the next train left. From Brugge onwards, Chris was so kind to drive, I could sleep for 1,5 hours. At 05.30 I arrived at the house and could lay down on the sofa, to take over the guarding, next to welpingbox . Who, in the meantime had been filled with 10 puppies. Mister Bechstedt had a familie reunion on Sunday morning and was glad that he could leave. The road to success is not going over roses…..

Chris Beirendonk with the father of Jadore, Ch. Incognito of Snowbootbears


Enco in Open Class, where he became 3rd from 10 entered males. 1st became Jeddep Male Model, 2nd was Aryakas Ikaros at Noggybanks


Doro in the race against the Best Male, for the Best Of Breed


Top OES NL 2012 Int-NL-B-Lux-D-VDH-Ch. Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal wins the CC with Best of Breed at the LKA Birmingham 2012. Judge Mr. Colin Barnes, Macopa OES