12 June 2012

Int-Show Hulten/NL

Saturday, 09 June 2012 there was a Show in Hulten, near Tilburg/NL. 12 Bobtails and 25 Beardies had entered. Outside, with almost no sunshine and an ice cold wind, followed by 2 minutes of rain. Almost everyone had turned into icecicles. At the end of this glorious day, the seatheating was switched on and due to this, Eef and I slowly came back on temperature.

We had a large luggage with us, 2 Bobtails, “Doro” and “King” together with the Beardies “Lasse” and “guffy”. Judge for both breeds was Mrs. P. Runderkamp/NL. In fact the Bobtails came along for fun, but for Lasse and Guffie we needed something. Lasse needed to get a CAC in the Youth Class to gain the title of Netherlands Youth Champion. Guffy on the other hand needed a Res-CAC of the full payload for the Dutch Champion Title.

“King” started of first and had a spledid performance. He became Best Male and BOS out of the Intermediateclass with 17 months.

Our “Jadore” had in the Champion Class a competitor from Switzerland. We lost and Jadore ended 2nd with Res-CACIB and Res-CAC.

Here a picture of the CACIB, CAC and BOS winner “Kingsize  aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” and the Res-Male Ch. “Argovians in Love with Ambasstow, terrorised by the heavy wind.

Unfortunately we only have one picture from our Bobtails in the Ring in Hulten.


After we had been standing in the wind since 08.00 in the morning, we looked forward to drive back home around 17.00 hrs with the seatheating switched on. After about an hour of driving we where defrosted.

Hulten Auto klaar