6 November 2013

Bleiswijk/NL and Paren/GER

What a weekend! In Bleiswijk/NL in the area of Gouda, is a yearly CACIB Show, who always have interesting judges on their lists. This year, the organisation had invited for our both breeds, the Swedish ladies Charlotte Sandberg for the Beardies and Ulrica Göransson for the Bobtails. They are the daughters of the founder of the famous Swedish Farmarens Kennel, who breed Bobtails and Bearded Collies. Now, children of them are already in the ring. 14 Old English had been entered and I was curious to find out what Mrs. Göransson was thinking about my “King”.

Here her report:

Very nice dog with eyecatching silhouet. Strong head, Broad skull. Very good angulation in front and rear. Having typical Topline which I am so happy to see. Typical Mover from the side with strenght and lenght. Good coattexture. Coat on the way. Well handled.

In fact I should frame this. This judging report resulted in the CACIB and Best Of Breed.

BOB-Kingsize-Champion Bleiswijk

The Judge Mrs.Ulrica Göransson BOB Kingsize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal and Best Bitch Angel Miss Milly from Stone , Owners P.& A. Phillips

Bleiswijk 11-13 OES-BOB-and-BOS

We had a “luxury problem”, because my Bearded Collie “Lasse,  also became Best Of Breed and showing 2 dogs at the same time in the Big Ring is not possible. Although my King needed the points for Top OES, I decided to go into the Big Ring with Lasse. This was a matter of prestige, to show, that there are Bearded Collies with an excellent movement! My good friend Chris Beirendonk, was so kind to show King in the Big Ring. Judge was the Dane H.E. Pedersen and…. Chris won with our OES King the Group and I became, with “Lasse“, 3rd in the large Group 1. This was a perfect day.

The Dane Mr. Pedersen, Chris Beirendonk with “King”, Breeding Specialist Mrs. U. Göransson and myself at a 3rd Place with our Bearded Collie “Ch. Lärkänges at Firsticebears” alias Lasse.


Moments of happiness


On Sunday we returned to Bleiswijk (368 Km) for the Best In Show. Mr. D. Rutten from the Netherlands, was the Judge for this Best In Show. Our beautiful Multi Ch. “Kingsize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” became Res-Best In Show.

Bleiswijk 11-13 BIS

The Vanbossche family where with their “Floh” at the Special Show of Paren in Germany. Judge was Mr. Fricke/Ger. Floh became Best Male and is at the Point Scale of Germany as most winning OES, all te way at the top of the list.

Mrs. Vanbossche with “Ch. Justbecause aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal