11 February 2012

Best in Show in Luxemburg

After the show in Eindhoven we had one day of rest. Hereafter we  had the yearly CAC-Show of British Sheepdog Club and Australian Sheperd Club in Luxemburg. Luckily the foreseen snow that night stayed out and the roads thru the Ardennes where in good condition. Judge for the 22 entered Bobtails was Mr. Colm Hastings from Ireland. Many of the dogs came from Switzerland. One of them was agressiv and snapped towards the judge. This is sad for our breed. Unfortunately the dog was not disqualified and received a Good. Next week his breeder will use him for a mating. Simply irresponsible!

In 2007, Colm Hastings, judged our “Eldorado”  during the CACIB of Luxemburg and gave him the Group. Later he became Best in Show over 3500 dogs. This time we cam with 2 grandchildren of “Eldorado”. King (Kingsize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) opened en did a splendid job. Excellent 1 and herewith Luxemburg Youthchampion. After this it was Mrs. Vanbossches turn with Floh (Justbecause aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal).He already had a CAC and could also become Luxemburg Champion if he would win the Open Class. Unfortunately he became 2nd after an unknown dog with a Very Good. This time the judge thought that the eyes were too light…. this was the first time that Floh had too light eyes. The other judged always thought is was ok. I don’t understand this, but it is all part of the game.

Than ist was “Jadore’s” turn in the Intermediate Class. The tension was feelable and the competition where good. Mr. Hastings thought she was wonderful and she won. At this moment she was a Luxemburg Champion, because she already had won a CAC in Luxemburg once. Just 18 months old.I guess she is the youngest champion we ever had.

“Doro”  became Best Bitch and proved herself against the Male Champion. She became Best Of Breed. BUT…. it hadn’t finished. At 17.30 hrs she was crowned Best in Show. A truly nice ending of a long day. Mr. Hastings made a venice compliment. He said that “Doro”  remainded him of the famous “Zottels Miss Marple of Lamda”.

At 18.00 hrs we drove back home with beautiful cups and rosettes in our luggage. We had to hurry, as a “hot lady” was waiting for “Eldorado”. These are long days and we had gotten up at 05.30. You have to do something for a hobby.

“King” at the Show in Luxemburg

Kingsize Lux- 02-12

King shows his beautiful movement.

King on the move


Justbecause 1

Justbecause has a wonderful reach

Justbecause on the move

and our Fairy, “Doro” (Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstomtal) at the moment she became Champion

Jadore new Champion at 18 months

A crowing reward. Best in Show with the Judges.

Jadore Best in Show Judge Colm Hastings