30 July 2023

Exhibitions July 2023

A quiet July so far. It was also far too hot for exhibitions. I couldn’t quite let it go. On 15 and 16 July 2023, a double CACIB show took place in Douai/F. Douai is situated in the north of France, about 30 km behind the border of Mons in Belgium. The halls are big and the show is wonderfully organised. I would like for “Cloe” to win in a 3rd country so that she can finish her International Champion in March 2024. Fortunately “Cloe’s” owner, my dear King Kolscar was ready for a ladies weekend. We left on Friday and had a great time at the hotel.

On Saturday we were at the start at 9 am. The Dutchman Mr. Jipping was supposed to judge, but the judges were changed. Now the Romanian Mrs. A. Giura judges the only 2 registered Bobtails.

Johann Wulteputte was at the start in the youth class with his bitch, and got his excellent 1 with “Brywn’s Zelda”.

Our Cloe became Best of Breed with CACIB “Ch. Unisono aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”.


After that, the long wait began. At 16.15 group 1 was judged by Mr Norman Deschymere from Belgium. It was a large and very well staffed group and we were more than happy to finish in the last 6. Only 3 are placed.

On Sunday 16-7-2023 it was not our turn until around 10.30, this time we had more competition. There were 2 males entered, the bitch of Johan Wulteputte in the youth class, a bitch in the open class, Cloe in the champion class and a veteran class. The judge was the Frenchman Mr Kramer.

Everything went according to our wishes. “Cloe” Ch. Unisono aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” again won Best Bitch and Best of Breed won Champion Class Male from Pascale. So we could start our journey home around 12 o’clock and did not have to stay for the ring of honour.

Pascale with Ch. Youandi Frappucino Best of Breed, the judge Mr. Kramer and Ch. Unisono from Elbe-Urstromtal, Best Bitch

The rainy month of July with its outdoor shows is a challenge for a longhaired dog exhibitor! On 29.7.2023 the German Winner Show took place in Gelsenkirchen at the Sighthound Racecourse. On Saturday we had entered “Uschi” for the Italian judge Mrs Ceccarelli. We were not judged until 1.45 pm. Wonderful, you can sleep until 8 o’clock and don’t have to leave until 10 o’clock. However, the weather forecast said it would rain at 2pm and there would be a thunderstorm. Very bad! Off we went with a tent and rubber boots for Paul and me. The other OES exhibitors were already all on site with tents and brushing. We found a very good place along  the other  OES people for our tent and had coffee first. The sun was shining and it was very warm. Gerda Jolink was also there with her “Ziva”. It was a great day for our “Uschi”. The judge found such a wonderful word to describe what is special about Uschi: female with the great Distinction.

“Uschi Glas aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” became best of breed of the 13 entered OES

The ring of honour started at 3.40 pm. Our “Uschi” and the Bearded Collie Ch. “Firstprizebears Pikes Peak” bred by us were among the last 6 of the once again large group 1. Judge was Mrs. Kammerscheid-Lammers from Germany. Exactly at this moment the big rain with thunderstorm started. We were not placed, so we quickly ran to the tent. It had already rained in there because the side walls were open. “Uschi” was quickly put into the cage and Paul closed the side walls in the heavy rain. We had to wait 1 hour until the heavy rain stopped. In the tent, the floor was under water. We always have a tarpaulin on the floor, which was under and over water. It dripped from the roof of the tent into Uschi’s water bowl. Around 6 pm the rain stopped. We pulled Uschi’s cage onto the slight elevation next to our tent. With the help of 2 fellow exhibitors we pulled the tarpaulin out of the water and over the small fence. The tent was placed on the raised area by 4 men. Now we could clearly see that we were standing in a hollow where the rain had collected. We packed everything up and drove home.

The next day we had an outdoor show with “Caro” in Belgium, 2 hours drive from us. So we had no choice but to unpack everything. There was water in my show bag and all the towels were wet in the other bag. Thank God the sun was shining at our place, the tent and the tarpaulin were also spread out to dry. The following film shows the whole misery.

First of all our wonderful “Uschi Glas from the Elbe-Urstromtal” Best of Breed and German Winner

the water worlds in Gelsenkirchen….


everything spread out to dry

Uschi was already waiting impatiently inside for her supper.


The alarm clock went off at 5.15 the next morning, we had to leave at 6.45. It took us longer than normal that morning. We had to pack the tent and all the bags again. Fortunately everything was dry. We had entered “Caro” for the Young Dogs and Veterans Day in Geraadsbergen/BEL. This is behind Brussels and a good 2 hours drive. We hoped that “Caro” could win her first point there for the Belgian Junior Champion. She was the only OES entered and was judged at 10.10 am by Mrs Timmermans -Kadenko from the Netherlands.

Best of Breed and Best Junior for “Vorbildlich aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” with her just 10 months. Mrs Timmermans judged VERY strictly and very many dogs from the group received only a Very Good.

it stayed dry but it blew a lot, which was good to air our tent. At 4 pm the show should be over and we hope that group 1 and before that the young dogs will be judged around 3 pm. This should be done by Mrs Timmermans.


At 4 p.m. we found out that she had gone home and that Mr. Vanhoenakker/BEL was judging as a substitute. In both competitions for Best Junior and Best of Group he completely ignored our beautiful Caro. But I knew that beforehand. However, decency demands to present our dog in full glory.

the impressions of the day

“Fritzi” by Georgina Jensen from San Franciso/USA also had a successful show weekend at the Golden State Summer Shows. This time without a professional dealer. Georgina did very well how she showed “Fritzi.

It is Georgina’s first OES.

Result of 4 shows at the IABCA show from 22-7 to 23-7-2023.

Excellent 1 Best of Breed and 4 times with the following judges: Mrs. R. Silveira/INT, David Powers/USA, Claire L. Mancha/USA and Shawn Brown/USA.

Express class winner with Mr. Robin Hug/INT, 1st place in the herding group judged by Mrs. Claire L. Mancha

“Underpressure from Elbe-Urstromtal”