13 November 2011

7 weeks and ready for departure

Our 3 little teddybears weigh 8 Kg right now, are very enterprising and therefore almost ready to leave us. On Wednesday, Mr. Caymax from the belgium Kennelclub will come by to check the chip of each puppy and take a spittle sample for the DNA test. Only when the DNA from the puppies matches those of the father and mother, the pedigrees will be handed out. That means: that is has been proven that the parents really are the parents! I think this is good and in my opinion unique in Europe. Than it will take a few days before the puppies will leave on Monday 21-11 and start their new lifes. “Socke” will return home and relax from all the stress with the Bechstedt family. She is already expected by Bandita, Holly and the two cats. 

Farewellpicture with 7 weeks. The male is supported by the ladies on his left and right.












and the promised picture of the feeding of the fresh chicken.