8 November 2011

6 weeks old with pasport.

Saturday our trio became 6 weeks old. Our appreciated Vet, Mrs. Liesbeth Vanholen, came by to give the three a chip and their first vaccination. Off course the chip came with passports. Furthermore a general inspection was held to see if everything was okay. Today they will get another wormcure. This will be cure number 3 and before the puppies will leave us they will have another one. They became real little rascals who bit in trousers when cleaning up their kennel area. The dog flap is no longer dangerous and they have learned how to get thru the flap in full speed. There is food available permanently. The REGAL dog food is mixed with cottage cheese, fresh meat or tripe. This week fresh sardines and a half fresh chicken are on the menu. So it will become funny to see and we will try to make pictures of this spectacle.

 Yes, the weekly pictures: This was a problem this time as Harry did arrive Friday night around 18.00 hrs (he is gone all week) and I had to leave to the Show in Luxemburg and Stuttgart. My poor Harry became a dogsitter and kept himself busy with  the visite of the vet, visit for the puppies, house cleaning, lawn mowing, keeping the dogs busy and making food for himself. When I came back Sundayevening around 23.00 Hrs he was broken. When should we have made pictures? Coincidently, Harry was working in the southern part of the Netherlands on Monday and he came back home to make pictures. The puppies had been playing outside and where dirty and tired…. And this you can see.













Afterwards they have to lie down. Oefff…..