24 October 2011

4 weeks

Saturday it was 4 weeks ago since our babies where born. It was beautiful weather for a photoshoot and therefore all 3 had to go outside. Because this is so dangerous, Socke also had to go out and they alle got a large zip of milk to become calm. Since one week they also get real food and this is served 3 times a day. Once a day they get BARF-freshmeat and that also ist he highlight of the day. The 3 are totally out of themselves and can’t eat as fast as they would like. Playing they do with the 3 of them and mother Socke thinks that is fun. Oh yeah, the terrible wurmcure had to be taken for the 2nd time. It remains aweful. All in all: Mother and kids are fine.

The narcosis drink


Having been nice during the photosession


And our puppy from outerspace