31 October 2011

5 weeks and a beautiful autumnday

Wonderful weather and that for the end of October. Due to the beautiful weather our 3 rascals had to go out and could play on the big green grass-land.Here they had lots of fun. Eatingtimes are now four times a day and the fresh tripe, the other fresh meat even as the REGAL will complete be consumed. Toys are getting a meaning and are heavely mixed. If they want to run they can use the complete inner-kennel and they start to discover slowly how you can get outside thru a pophole. But for this you need a large portion of courage…

 Harry takes care of the necessary cuddling












and Kronos is running thru the area very fast












 the phote with „the looks“ cannot fail

 5 weeks the 2 girls and the boy











afterwards back to Mother Socke for the necessary refreshments.

5 weeks refreshments