26 December 2011

1 week old

 Our puppies have spend their Christmasdays with getting havier, sleeping, eating and getting heavier. In fact a little bit the same as with us two-legged. Harry was so kind the last 4 days, to take the nightshift on the sofa for his account, so that I could sleep well in my own bed.

Holly is a loving and caring mother. As soon as a puppy squeaks, she goes back into the welpingbox to see if everything is okay. This keeps us human beings fit, as we have to go with her and help her every time she lays down so that all oft hem can drink. Holly only has nine nipples and therefore one is always upset if this one cannot drink. We have tried to give the screamer a bottle of puppymilk. But this is refused over and over. The puppies have not quite doubled their birthweight, only the two „little“ girls weigh 640 grams. A steady and balanced litter.

Getting diner with Mother Holly


The overfull milkbar


Tired and satisfied they all sleep on the warming plate, near the Teddy.



This time we didn’t manage to get them all „decent“ in line on the photo.


The 4 males


and the 6 girls