29 January 2012

6 weeks

6 weeks old and sine last monday they learned the trick how to open the cattrap to get outside. That means they run in full speed thru the hatch outside to play and do their duties. They also eat tons of food. We tried with sardines and fresh chicken, but they didn’t know what to do with it. So Mama Holly had to eat it. BUT, grinded tripe on top of the food or tripe cut is pieces is a big hit.  With this you can play and chew or pull it more than once. Here the picture as proof.

5,5 weeks tripe1

pulling together

5,5 weeks tripe 2

and another big event they had to conquer, a  walk outside the world that is familiar to them. The outside kennel and the grass. Grass is green and you can bite it, but the taste is something else and spit it out immediately.

6 weeks ich komme

the lawn

6 weeks Gras ist grün

Last the starpictures with 6 weeks, outside in the sunshine,

Kokowääh, Krimi, Kasual and Keenonyou

6 weeks 4 boys

the ladies:  Kadance, Kabarett, Karussel, Koko Chanel,  Kino and Kirmis

6 weeks 6 girls