17 January 2012

4 weeks old.

Again one week further. In the meantime the puppies are eating 4 times a day a large bowl of REGAL Puppy, mixed with tinfood of  Terra Canis Puppy. Three days in a row they had minced meat with it and today even little north sea shrimps. Everything was eaten with greed. It still amuses Holly to go the puppies and the little ones are hanging at her nipples like little bottles. Meaning that Holly does not lie down anymore so the puppies can drink, but stays in an upright position. Afterwards they will do their needs collectively in the back part of their stay, fight with eachother and fall asleep immediately after and is everything peaceful again. A pleasure to see. Tomorrow weighing is on the programme, together with their second wormcure. Afterwards they will be treated with fresh tripe. Let’s see what they have to say about that.

This afternoon the weather was beautiful and thats why the first pictures where made outside. Although the puppies were not quite clean, as they stuck their little mouthes in the foodbowl just before.

As always, the males and bitches, but not in the same order as last week.

4 weeks 4 boys

4 weeks 6 girls