22 January 2012

5 weeks

The 5 week pictures had to be made inside this time. It was raining cats and dogs and that all day. As they already knew the couch in the living, they won’t sit stil anymore. So a new place had to be found. The freezer in the cellar. Room and light enough. Doro and Heidi are both here in “solitary confinement” as both are in season and we don‘t want them to make the males crazy. The little ones just loved this and Doro wanted to join them, but that was not possible until after the photoshoot.

All puppies do have a new owner, who are all excited and waiting until they can collect their puppy. The puppies enjoy themselves very well, because they play alot and discover their surrounding area. The cattrap to get outside is inspected more and more, but the trust to go thru is still missing. They  are good eaters and every bit of fresh meat that is given on top, is eaten immediately. Cottage cheese is a favorite. Let’s see what we try this week. Maybe chickennecks or fresh sardines. We will see.

the 4 lads: Kokowääh, Krimi, Keenonyou and Kasual

5 weeks 4 boys

our 6 little beauties:

Kino, Kirmis, Kadance, Karussel, Koko Chanel and Kabaret

5 weeks 6 girls

the preparations to these pictures:

5 weeks making of 2

A very interesting toy was found at these grown up’s place

5 weeks making of 2