30 April 2013

Bandita has gotten her puppies

Sunday evening, around 22.15, has Bandita given birth to her first puppy. The next morning at 07.30 Hrs number 9 was born. It where 2 males and 7 females. The birthweights vary between 340gr and 440gr. Bandita is really a cute mother and as a breeding bitch like out of an illustrated book. After this litter she will enjoy her well deserved retirement and hopefully be with us for many years. She is a special dog, she can speak with her “eyes”. Last night, Harry was on guard duty on the couch. In the early morning hours he came and woke me up, informing me that something was wrong with a puppy. So, I sleepdrunk went downwards and immediately saw what was going on.  The last born male was laying there, however dead, amongst the others. I have tried everything I could, but it was already too late. Why and whatfore will remain unanswered questions forever. This is nature. Early this morning we burried him. BUT…., the others are doind excellent and all have gained weight. Bandita has a slightly higher temperature, but that is also normal.

Now, the puppies only need to become bigger and stronger. For the father, Jack Sparrow aus der Boverheide”, it was his first litter.

This picture was taken on Monday, when all puppies where still there.


Today, Tuesday, the male:


the 7 ladies


the ladies group split up


and the Group of 4