23 April 2024

“Ocean’s” and “Cooper’s” puppies were born

In 2020 the time had finally come. After 3 years of waiting, our “Ocean” was born in California, “Love’n Stuff Elbe-Urstromtal”. She comes from old, good lines that are rare in the USA. Her bloodline cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Then came Corona and everything was more than complicated. Ocean was almost 1 year old until she finally arrived in Amsterdam by plane. The airfreight was twice as expensive thanks to Corona. “Ocean” needed some time to settle in and quickly found her place with us.

“Ocean” made her show career as it should be and won her titles. Her litter brother “Love’n Stuff one for the Road” was Best Show Dog 2023 in the USA. Quite an achievement.

I bought “Ocean” to bring fresh blood to Europe, which is urgently needed for our breed. In February 2023 we had “Ocean” mated for the first time. I had just got my new knee and couldn’t travel to Zagreb/Croatia to our chosen male. Fortunately, we found a dear friend who took on this journey. Unfortunately, we were left with nothing but a large bill for stud fees and travelling expenses. She was not in whelp.

In August she was in season again. As I still wanted to make a mating with a foreign male, we decided in favour of “Ch. Airzeppeline Hercules Junior”. He normally lives in southern Italy, but is in Venlo/Netherlands for a period. That’s just round the corner from us. Mated and again nothing. I was desperate. We took Ocean to the specialised clinic in Eersel/NL and had her checked there to see if anything was wrong. Fortunately, everything was fine. At her next seson in February 2024, she was closely checked for everything that was possible. This time the stud dog was our own “secret weapon” Cooper (Multi Ch. Rock me Amadeus from Elbe-Urstromtal). About 3 weeks after mating I was sure that she was pregnant. This was confirmed a week later by the vet with the ultrasound.I was overjoyed.

Now the big wait began and “Ocean” got fatter and fatter….

There were 7 males and 4 girls and all WONDERFUL. All perfectly marked, thick heads, short in the backOn Friday 19-04-2023 “Ocean” had her 11 puppies in 6 hours., no dewclaws and great necks. They are like perfect little OES.

Today on 23-04-24 we lost number 11, the little male that was born last. During the night Ocean lay on him and he suffocated. Our bed for the night is 1 metre away from the whelping box. We are infinitely sad and ask ourselves why this had to happen. We have cried many tears today.

Here are the photos of the 11 puppies


We have decided on the names. Everything has to do with Los Angeles, “Ocean” was born there. However, there has to be an ‘X’ in front of every name, because this year in Belgium at St Hubertus (same as VDH in Germany) all puppy names have to start with an X. The girls are called “Ocean”.

The girls are called.

Walk of fame

Rodeo Drive.


Santa Monica. 

4 days old

The 6 males today with 4 days are called:

Beverly Hills

Beach boy

Sunset Blvd


Venice Beach

Los Angeles