27 November 2014

Norman is visiting Schäng

Our huge baby “Norman” was visiting aunt Elke and uncle Mathias, in Aachen (GER). Here also lives Schäng and he happens to know Norman very well, as he is visiting us a lot. “Norman” and his sister “Senta” both think that Schäng is it, because he loves to play with them. Aunt Elke has shown “Norman” the big world around Aachen for one week.

Norman rather stays in the living and Schäng is garding on the terrace on the roof.

Norman in Aachen 1

Schäng and Norman during a walk in the forrest of Aachen. Schäng has tought Norman how nice a bath in the mud can be.

Norman in Aachen 2

with mud still on his feet Walking in the living

Nomran in Aachen dreckig


Schäng shares his favorite spot with Norman

Norman in Aachen 3

and King shared the sofa with Harry on Saturday evening.

King en Harry 1

this is even beter

King en harry 2