6 February 2024


It was exactly 38 years ago that a team of 25 filmmakers in Ramelsloh (near Hamburg) pitched their tents at my home for a week. A famous director from the advertising film industry named “Bulle” really wanted me to shoot the first advertising film for Pedigree Pal for puppies. I thought for a long time whether I should do it since I never fed it. I wasn’t a fan of Pedigree Pal. But the fun factor won out.

I broke my knee 3 weeks before filming began and the entire script had to be rewritten. My crutches were not allowed to be visible.

This film ran for over 6 months on ARD and ZDF at prime times and was very profitable for the group.

I was a bit of a “movie star.”

A few days ago, I accidentally came across this commercial on You Tube.