13 December 2023

Norman Harrison aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal 29-may-2014 died 09-december-2023

Now I’m sitting here in front of this piece of paper and have to write that my beloved dog “Norman” is no longer with us. Actually, I can’t do it yet.

But unfortunately it happened. We had to let him go on Saturday evening.

“Norman” was my everything, I could read and write with him. He was also the most beautiful male I have bred to date. His father “Texas” was his predecessor and “Norman” was able to completely fill that place in my heart.

His official exhibition successes are well known and widely described. He is the father of very successful show dogs.

BUT: he was my soul dog. It just hurts so much that he wasn’t allowed to live any longer.

My “Nörmchen” had been sick for a long time, his prostate was bothering him and since the beginning of 2023 we have had to struggle a lot with his health. He was neutered in the hope that things would get better. He received the Liberella injection every 3 to 4 weeks. With side effects of incontinence, diarrhea etc. etc.

When he was outside he played so nicely with our ladies, he always liked the food! and war ready for a treat.

On Saturday evening he couldn’t get up and probably had a small stroke. My beloved Paul and I knew that the time had come and we had to let him go. Luckily our vet was on duty and at 10.30pm after all examinations and considerations, it was clear we had to let him go.

It hurts so damn much. We would have loved to have him with us for a while and would have done everything for him.

We miss him so much.

“Norman” You will always have a very special place in our hearts.