14 July 2014

Doro puppies, six weeks

One beautiful Show -Quality Girl is still available



Here our goldnuggets, the male “Norman Harrison”

male sit

Girl No 9  “Number one”

girl Nr 9sit 3

Girl No 8    “New Shoes”

girl 6 sit

Girl  No 7    “Not Tonight”

girls 4 sit

Girl No 5  “Nice Surprise”

girl 5 sit

Girl No 4   “No one but me”

Girl 3 sit

Girl  No 2  “No Limits”

Girls 2 sit

So cute, Girl  Nr.. 9  “Number one”

girl Nr 9 head

the calves

6 weeks biting

and biting in everything you find on your way.

6 weeks playing toys

totally worn out

6 weeks sleeping