24 June 2014

Doro puppies 3 weeks old

Last Thursday, “Doro’s” puppies where 3 weeks old. They are very quiet sibblings, who sleep alot as written before, often even on their backs. That looks very funny and I managed to take some pictures of our sleeping beauties. Sunday, aunt Elke and Uncle Klaus came to visit us and helped me with the making of the pictures. Our Glamour Photographer Harry, unfortunately, had to work all weekend 🙁 . The 7 puppies are still in the whelping box, located in the kitchen. However, the box has been enlarged with its full size. Now, with 3½ weeks, they need more space. Three times per days they get food, which is willingly accepted. Not one krum is left on the plate, if they get minced meat warmed up, nothing can be found anymore. Should their be a rest, than mama Doro will eat it. In return, she allows the puppies to drink as much as they want.

6 puppies in dreamland. Nr. 7 lays under the cuddle toy.


Nr. 7, who is sleeping under the cuddle toy, is the male “Norman Harrison”




Afternoon nap


totally relaxed in a deep sleep


If you have eaten your puppy belly round and full, you immediately fall asleep next to the feeding bowl.


The Sunday glamour picture of our little male “Norman Harrison”


Even for our ladies we do have names, but not for all of them. We are still searching. Proposals are welcome.

Until now we have: “Not tonight, No one but me, Nobless oblige, Number one, New Shoes and ???????

the 3 ladies with the black markings on their heads.


the 3 with the almost white heads.