5 December 2013

Charming Companionship

Once there was a time that Thomas and Simone Richter, very intensively, showed their wonderful Bobtails. They where the proud owners of “Ch. Uno di Uno aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”. Under their Kennelname “Dreamdancer”, they have bred two litters and where with their “Ch. Dreamdance Ballentine” very successful. Due to our common hobby we became best friends. The only disadvantage is that they live in the area of Rostock/GER, on a distance of some 750 Km. After a very long time these two hit the road and decided to visit us. The welcome ceremony was more than lovely by 4 OES and 3 Beardies. Simone could not get enough of all the licking by all the dog snouts. On Saturday we visited Aachen/GER and ofcourse, Texas and Doro had to join us. Thomas had Texas on the leach and he was directly pulled into a butcher store at the Münsterplatz. Here they have the best meatballs you can find.

Aachen Thomas und Simone 24-11-13Thomas stood behind camera.