9 August 2012

Carriage riding with Beat-It

Nicole Visser and Vicky van Tiggelen had invited us to a ride with a carriage. Nicoles father ownes a beautiful Frisian Horse named “Potter”, who pulls a carriage very patiently. The icing on the cake is the beautiful South Limburg scenery. The bottom part of the Netherlands. The hillsied is also called “Little Switzerland”. Vicky had taken her Beat-It (Ch. Firstpizebears Just Beat-it) with her. And I thought: “How will that work?”. Very simple. All way long, Beat-It walks in front of the carriage with “Potter”. In every pond or pool she could find she swam and than went onwards. The whole ride took 3 hours and of these 3 hours Beat-It sat for approximately 30 minutes in the back of the carriage. Nice such a wet and sandy Beardie on your lap….. Harry sat up front with Nicole and was just laughing.

Harrys sceptical view a the Frisian “Potter”


Vicky and Nicole busy with putting everything together.


Beat-it tells “Potter” how to go


just to get a quick breeth, Beat-It comes into the carriage


the scenery


Coffeebreak in Heijenrath/NL


during the ride with a carriage you also have to clean things up…….