20 January 2016

“Solo” is born

“Socke”( Ch. Himmlisch aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) is a well experienced mum. Last year she had a wonderful litter after  “Jarco” (Ch. Jarco of Snowbootbears) which I liked to repeat. On the 28th day the ultrasonic picture unfortunately showed only four foetuses. Not a big litter. Thus it was really a great disappointment when last Thursday only one big puppy was born. The tiny/big lady already weighed 500 g. Meanwhile “Solo” is 6 days old and has put on weight good.

This year the initial letter of all new born puppies is “P”, that`s why she is named “Pure Solo”.

Solo-6-tage-alt-1 Solo-6-tage-alt

“Solo” ist already 1 week old. Mum “Socke” is spending a lot of time with her. Siesta time

Socke Solo Siesta 1 Woche

“Solo” is today 2 weeks old. Mum “Socke” is a very dedicated mother who is very carefull with her single puppy. Most of the time she is laying in the whelpingbox and spend Company to Little “Solo”. She got a little stuffed basket were here teddybeer is laying in. This is her favorite place to have her nap.

Solo 2 weeks old sleeping IMG_3102

Today 2 weeks old

Socke 2 weeks Solo

In the meantime “Solo” is nearly 3 weeks old. She would like to get more Attention by now and want to Play. But as a single puppy you only have your mum as a playmate. Beside your Breeder!  As a consequence of this, every day for serveral minutes I Play with Little “Solo” this is pure “Quality Time”

first time a real meal instead of only mum’s milbar.

Solo 3 weken oud

by growing fast it was also needed to get a bigger cushion for Solo.

Solo slapen 3 weken

4 week old


the last Picture of Solo 5,5, weeks old. She will leave me shortly into her new home

5 Weken Solo 1