20 July 2019

Mücke and Dayton are parents again

Mücke came last saturday 06-07-019 to us. She lives normally in Luxemburg with the Weyer family and has her second home is here in maaseik. She will hopefull give birth in a couple of days. Today she wanted to chase the pigeons with her daughter “Sonja” and ended up in our fishpond. Now she is resting near me and is drying. I guess i found my theme for this litter:

summer and swimmingpool…

before Swimming freschly bathed and groomed

after her unwanted swimlession, drying outside

And then at 9 pm the first puppy was born. By 6 o’clock in the morning Mücke had born 1 male and 3 girls. A puppy was still in her uterus and did not want to come out. In the evening around 6 pm our wonderful vet Mrs. Vanholen managed to get the puppy out on the natural way. Unfortunately, death.

our puppies : Sheasheperd the boy is called and the Girls are named like this: Seejungfrau, Seerose und Summertime.

Sire is : Ch. Bagatell Deja blue moon

shortly after birth

2 days old

on friday 19th of july one week old

in zen modus