13 October 2015

Doro’s puppies 1 week old, 2,3,4 and 6 weeks

On Sunday it was already one week ago, that Doro gave birth to her puppies. This 5 puppies are so relaxed and satisfied. Doro is a wonderful mum and take so much care of her puppies.

the 3 Boys 1 week old.

1 week 3 boys

The 2 girls one week old.

1 week 2 girls

2 weeks old

On Saturday, I got much appreciated help from Nicole Neiken for the weekly “star photos” of our puppies. The photos were gorgeous, but unfortunately I deleted them by accident before I was even able to transfer them to my computer. Such a shame! On Sunday we had visitors again, this time Ingrid Buckx and her friend Michael. He had a pretty good camera and showed his skills by taking a couple of beautiful photos of our puppies. Happily, the five of them are doing very well. They got their first worm treatment and eagerly eat beef mince for two days now. I’m glad that all puppies have already found a new home.

2 weeks 5 puppies 2 weeks boy horschler 2 weeks boy

Dinner time

2 weeks feeding

In dreamland.
2 weeks girl Neicken

In the meantime allready 3 weeks

3-Weeks-3-boys 3-weeks-2-girls

4 weeks old and for the first time outside, enjoying the wonderful autumson. Had Company for the photoshooting from dear friends Nicole Neicken and her daughter and also from Monika Fuss.

4 Wochen Welpen Doro 001

Good friends came to visit on thursday. They bought their camera and were so kind to take pictures of Doros and Texas puppies. They are 6 weeks old now and got their names: “One Two, On Top and Onbehalf.”

6 weeks 3 reuen

The ladies are “Ostwind” and “Obsession”

6 weeks 2 teven solo

Puppies are the best medicine in difficult times.

6 weeks 2 teven