1981: Int-VDH-D-Ch. Hullabaloo, Int-NL-D-Lux-VDH-Ch. Hercules and Int-NL-D-F-Lux-VDH-Ch. World-Europa und Bundessieger Hot Dog

Homebred Champions

It is 50 years ago that we had our first litter. During the many years 172 OES champions, have proudly and successfully represented us worldwide at numerous shows. The dogs with an icon behind their names got their own homepage including their pedigree.

011976FemaleBrown Eyes aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH Ch.
021977MaleChris aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-B-D-VDH Ch.
031978MaleDomino aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT Ch.
04FemaleDraussen aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH Ch.
05FemaleDark-Do-Do aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT.-B-VDH-DK Ch.
061979MaleFlorida Boy aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-PL-CZ Ch.
07FemaleFlower Power aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT Ch.
081980FemaleHot Dog aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-B-LUX-D-VDH Ch. Worldch.81
09MaleHercules aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX-D-VDH Ch.
10FemaleHullabaloo aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH Ch.
111982MaleKassenknüller aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-NL-ITA. Ch.
121983MaleLohengrin aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-NL-B-DK-B Ch.
13FemaleMarzipan aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH Ch.
14MaleMoneymaker aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
15MaleMilky Way aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH Ch.
16MaleOld Shatterhand aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalPL Ch.
17MaleOsborn aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-DK-D-VDH Ch.
181984FemaleQ-Tip aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-DK-D-VDH Ch.
19FemaleQuality Street aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-PL-ITA. Ch.
20MaleQuickborn aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-PL Ch.
21MaleRembrandt aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-F Ch.
22FemaleRosarot aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalF Ch.
23FemaleRock’n Roll aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH Ch.
24MaleU-Boot aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-DK-D-VDH-B Ch.
25FemaleÜberraschung aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-B-LUX-DK Ch.
26MaleUltimo aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-A Ch.
271985FemaleWunderschön aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-B-LUX-ITA-D-VDH-DK-F Ch. Worldch.86
28MaleWeltweit aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-ITA-POR-ESP-SMR Ch.
291986MaleZweitausend aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-VDH Ch. Worldch.87
301987FemaleBim-Bam aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-DK Ch. Worldch.87
31FemaleBürste II aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-HUN Ch
32FemaleBezaubernd aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-VDH-D Ch.
33FemaleCoco Chanell aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-DK-D-VDH-A Ch.
34FemaleCosmopolitan aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalSMR-ITA Ch.
35MaleDas Beste aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-AM-CAN-N-DK-S-NORD-D-VDH-NL-F Ch.
361988FemaleLilabe aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
371989FemaleMondschein aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalAM Ch.
381990MalePharisäer aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-FIN-DK-D-VDH Ch.
39MaleRamtamtam aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN-AUS Ch.
401991MaleTurquoise aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalIsrael Ch.
41FemaleUniclever aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
42FemaleUtopia aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-B-FIN Ch.
43FemaleVernisage aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT Ch
44FemaleVinh-Ninh aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-DK-D-VDH Ch.
451992FemaleY-Not aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalISR Ch.
46MaleZermatt aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-GB-NL-D-VDH-DK-B-LUX Ch.
47FemaleZell am See aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-DK-D-VDH-B Ch
481993FemaleAir Mail aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN-EST Ch
491995FemaleEscada aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
50MaleFür Peter aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
51MaleFerrari aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN-EST Ch.
52MaleFür Karin aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalS Ch.
53FemaleGeminot aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-DK-S-D-VDH-NL Ch.
54MaleInsider aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalRUS Ch.
55FemaleInshore Candy aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-S-D-VDH-DK Ch.
56FemaleImperial aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalDK Ch.
57FemaleInclusive aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalIsrael Ch.
581997MaleKool Turkey aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
59FemaleKash&Kerrie aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-NL Ch.
60FemaleKontiki aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-FIN-EST-LAT-LTU Ch.
61FemaleKall me Wiseguy aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-ISR-CYP Ch.
62FemaleLaura Ashley aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN Ch.
63FemaleMiss World aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalN Ch.
641998MaleNot for Sale aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-FIN-S-DK-NORD-NL-LUX-D-B-VDH Ch. Worldch.’99Dog detail
65FemaleNow Available aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-DK-S-D-VDH-NL-B-F-LUX Ch.Dog detail
66MaleOriginal aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalS-DK Ch.
67FemaleOrplid aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalDK-S Ch.
681999MaleVainqueur aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX-D-VDH-B Ch.
69MaleX’McLaren aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-MEX-D-VDH-NL-A-PL-ISR-LUX Ch. European Ch. (FCI) 2001
70MaleUno di Uno aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-LUX-S Ch. World Ch. 2002
71MaleVote for me aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalS Ch.
722000MaleMade for Gesa aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-DK Ch.
73FemaleNorthwest aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN Ch.
74FemaleXsa Xsa aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN Ch.
75FemaleY’Hattrick aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalS Ch.
76FemaleXolidgold aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX Ch.
772001FemaleY’ Go for Gold aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-N-S Ch.
78MaleVis a Vis aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL Ch res-CC Crufts 1999
79FemaleXtravagant aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
80FemaleYetsetter aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-LUX Ch. European (FCI)2001
81FemaleY’Lookalike aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-GB-NL-D-VDH-LUX-B Ch. Worldch. 2002, European FCI 2002, Crufts 2003 BOSDog detail
82FemaleX’Virunga aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT Ch-F-VDH Ch.
83FemaleZ’Bushybear aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-GIB-ESP-P-NL-LUX Ch. Eurpean (FCI)2004 & World Ch.2003
84MaleZinfandel aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalAM Ch.
85FemaleArgentina aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalDOM-URU-ARG-BRA Ch.
86MaleZaratustra aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-ISR-CYP Ch.
872002MaleZatopeck aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-PL-RUS-LTU-CZ Ch.
88FemaleYollipop aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalVDH Ch.
89MaleY’Rigoletto aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-VDH-LUX Ch.
90FemaleZixapril aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-ESP-P-GIB-LUX-NL-B Ch.Dog detail
91MaleZ’Bayroeth aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-GIB-ESP-P. Ch.
92FemaleZowhat aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-AM-NL – LUX- Ch.
932003MaleZecret Zorro aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-HUN-D-VDH-A-SLO-LUX-NL Ch. European FCI ’03Dog detail
94MaleZeppelin aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalITA Ch.
95MaleYntoto aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT Ch.
96FemaleZuckerguss aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
97FemaleAnanas aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalLUX Ch.
98FemaleZ’Best aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalGR-BUL-ROM Ch.
99FemaleApplause aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalAM Ch.
1002004MaleYours Truly aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT Ch.
101FemaleBoucheron aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalLUX Ch.
102FemaleBohème aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-ITA-B-NL Ch.Dog detail
103MaleCaptain aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-JAP Ch.
104MaleZollfrei aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-S-N-DK-VDH-NORD Ch.
105FemaleCheckin aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalJAP Ch.
106MaleBorsalino aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-B-LUX Ch..
1072005FemaleCrown Jewel aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalSA Ch.
108FemaleCockpit aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX-GIB-POR-ESP Ch.Dog detail
109MaleCashflow aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalFIN-EST Ch.
1102006FemaleCreditcard aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-B-D-VDH-LUX Ch.Dog detail
111MaleCurrency aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalSA Ch.
112FemaleDairymaid aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH-DK-GIB Ch.
113MaleElite aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalGR Ch.
114MaleEmoticon aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-BLR-POL-RUS Ch.
1152007MaleExcalibur aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX-NL-B-VDH-D-ITA Ch.Dog detail
116FemaleElbandita aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-RUS-FIN-NU-S-NORD-NL-B-D-VDH-LUX Ch.Dog detail
117MaleEldorado aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX-NL-S-B Ch., Res- Worldwinner 2008Dog detail
118MaleEcstasy aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-ESP-POR-F-MC Ch.Dog detail
1192008MaleEl Amigo aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-ESP-F Ch.Dog detail
120MaleFivestars aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalNU Ch.
121MaleFirstlove aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-B-NL Ch.Dog detail
122MaleGervais aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalRUS-UKR-MOL-GEO-AZ Ch.Dog detail
1232009MaleGive’m to me aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX-NL-B Ch.Dog detail
124MaleExplorer aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD Ch.
1252010FemaleHelado aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX-D-VDH-NL-B Ch.Dog detail
126MaleHäagan Dazs aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-FIN-EST-N-LV-S-NORD Ch.Dog detail
127FemaleHimmlisch aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-LUX-NL-B Ch.Dog detail
128MaleHot’n Spicy aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-CZ-CRO-D-VDH-Lux. Ch.Dog detail
1292011MaleJust Do It aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalRUS Ch.Dog detail
130MaleJetset aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalRUS Ch.Dog detail
131MaleHightea aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalIRL Ch.Dog detail
1322012MaleJadore aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-B-NL-D-VDH-LUX Ch. European Ch. FCI `13English ChampionDog detail
133MaleJust For me aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalITA Ch.Dog detail
134MaleJust Because aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX-D-VDH-DK-CZ Ch.Dog detail
135MaleHotpants aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalGR-Ital Ch.Dog detail
1362013MaleKingsize aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-B-D-VDH-NL-LUX Ch.Dog detail
137MaleKnaller aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-PL Ch.Dog detail
138MaleKeen On You aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalB-LUX Ch.Dog detail
139MaleKoko Chanel aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-B-D-VDH-LUX Ch.Dog detail
140MaleKarussel aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalPL Ch.Dog detail
1412014MaleKaffelatte aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalEST Ch.Dog detail
142MaleLafayette aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-MNT Ch.Dog detail
1432015MaleNo One But Me aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalIRL Ch.Dog detail
1442016MaleNo Limits aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalLUX Ch.Dog detail
145MaleNorman Harisson aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NL-D-VDH-B-LUX-BENELUX Ch.Dog detail
146MaleJetteJoop aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalNOR Ch.
1472017MaleNochmal aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-DK-PL-CZ Ch.Dog detail
148MaleNever Let You Go aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalUSA Ch.Dog detail
149MaleOn Top aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-CH-LUX-D-A-VDH Ch.Dog detail
1502018MalePipa Middelton aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalLUX-NL Ch.Dog detail
151MaleKirschcake aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalSE Ch.
152MalePrima Donna aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalD-VDH Ch.
1532019MalePulverfass aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH Ch.
154FemaleQ’Helena Rubinstein aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalSB Ch.
155FemaleQ’Anna Anka aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT- D-VDH-NL-LUX Ch.Dog detail
156FemaleQueensize aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-B-NL-LUX-D-VDH Ch.Dog detail
157FemaleQuadriga aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalA-SLOV-HU-INT-Ch.Dog detail
158FemaleQ’ Mona Lisa aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-H-CZ- A Ch.Dog detail
1592021FemaleRote Rose aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal INT-NL-BIH-D-VDH Ch.Dog detail
160FemaleSeejungfrau aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-D-VDH-NL-LUX-B-BIH Ch.Dog detail
161FemaleSexygirl aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal INT-VDH-D-LUX-CH Ch.Dog detail
162MaleSean Connery aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal LUX Ch.Dog detail
163MaleRock Me Amadeus aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal INT-NL -VDH-D-B Ch.Dog detail
164MaleTannhäuser aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalCH-LUX Ch.Dog detail
1652022MaleSeepferdchen aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-NO-DK-SE Ch.Dog detail
166FemaleTack Amilia aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalMCD-SER- Ch.
167FemaleTurandot aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalNO Ch.Dog detail
1682023FemaleUnisono aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalLUX Ch.Dog detail
169FemaleTake That aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalMC Ch.Dog detail
170FemaleUschi Glas aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalINT-LUX -NL-D-B-VDH-CH Ch.Dog detail
171FemaleUltrachic aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalLUX -DK- Ch.Dog detail
172FemaleVerliebt aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalSLO-CH-CRO-VDH-D  Ch.Dog detail
173FemaleVan Cleef aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalMEX  Ch.Dog detail
1742024FemaleVorbildlich aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalLUX-FIN  Ch.Dog detail
175FemaleUdo Jürgens aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalLUX-NL  Ch.Dog detail
Oldies but goldies

Breeding for almost 40 years gave me some nice pictures and memories of lovely dogs. Please allow me to share these with you.

1985: Judge Mrs. Christina Barber and Mrs. F. Tilly/UK BOB  Int-DK-NL-B-VDH-D-LUX-Ch. Lohengrin aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal (owner Heidi Müller/D.) (Ch. Hercules aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal x Appelsnut aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) born 31-12-1980 BOS Int-DK-NL-B_VDH-D-A-Lux-Ch. Ueberraschung aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal (owner Wolters/D.) born 1982 (Ch. Chris aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal x Ch. Hot Dog aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal)Int-Fin-S-DK-NORDIC-NL-Lux-D-VDH-Ch. Worldch.’98 Not for Sale aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal1984: Judge Mr. J.P.Smith left BOB Ch. Zottels Estee Lauder owner Ch. Heese/Smith/Bailey right Int Ch. Osborn aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalInt-NL-DK-A-D-VDH-B-Ch. Worldwinner Osborn aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal, F-D-VDH-Ch. Rembrandt aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal born 1984, Int-D-VDH-Ch. Quality Street aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal bron 1982 & Int-D-VDH-PL-NL-B-Lux-Ch. Q-Tip aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal born 19821991: Int-D-VDH-Ch. Uniclever aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalY' Lookalike aus dem Elbe-UrstromtalRow behind on the right is my first OES Int-D-A-Ch. Cora vom Glinger Berg born Sept 1971 (Ch. Shaggy Wonder Smart Guy x Ch. Shaggy Wonder Sharon) is is the proud mum of those 5 champions near her is Int-A-D-VDH-Ch.Bundessiegerin " Brown Eyes aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal "born 1974 (Ch. buckswood Desperado ) and to her left Int-D-B-Lux-VDH. Ch. Europa und Bundessieger Chris aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal (Ch. Buckswood Desperado) first row from the left Int-Ch. Domino , Int-Ch Draussen and Int-D-VDH-Ch. Dark Do-Do (SK-Ch. Shaggy Dogs Chan Brasse BAron)1987 Herning/Danmark: Int-DK-D-VDH-A-Ch. Bundessiegerin Coco Chanelle aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal1988, USA: INT-AM-CAN-F-LUX-D-VDH-NL-N-S-DK-NORD Ch. Das Beste aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal born 1985 Owner R. Moelhoek/NL later L.J. Hjorth/N. (Ch Osborn aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal x Ch. Quality Street aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal)Int-D-S-D-VDH-NL-B-F-Lux-Ch. Now Availabe aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal born jan 1996 (AM-Ch. Bugaboo Someone to talk about x Firlefanz aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal)1981: Int-VDH-D-Ch. Hullabaloo, Int-NL-D-Lux-VDH-Ch. Hercules and Int-NL-D-F-Lux-VDH-Ch. World-Europa und Bundessieger Hot Dog (Ch. Ellenglaze Ladies Choice x Ch. Orplids Andreall)Int-NL-B-D-VDH-Ch. Kassenknüller aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal born 1980 (Ch. Chris aus dem Elbe-urstromtal x Ch. Orplids AndrellaCh. Shaggy Danes Lady Di and Ch. Old Shatterhand aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal1999/LUX - Peter Spies with X'Mc Laren, Thomas Richter with Uno di Uno, Conny with Now Available, Johny Kieffer with Vainqueur and Xolidgold1993 Almkerk/NL Zell am See and Zermatt with puppy Forever Emily