2 June 2019

puppies Lola and Norman 4,5 weeks old

4,5 weeks old

New photos taken on Thursday. That’s 3 weeks and 3 days old. In the meantime, they have moved and now have more space in the kindergarten. Mamma Lola has shortened her stay with the puppies and is now happy to sleep outside again in the sun. The puppies eat meanwhile 3 a 4 x daily the well-known ground beef with goat milk powder, water to accumulate and then was thickened with the dutch “Brinta”. The 500gr mincemeat  take about 7 minutes to disappear into the 10 tummy.

2 of our beautiful girls are still looking for a home.

The 4 boys

Girlie Group 1

Girlie Group 2

and as a Dessert some sheepjoghurt

On Monday, our puppies were already 2 weeks old. I’m still sleeping on the couch at night …… Meanwhile, the rainwater can stay in my dark eye circles, so deep they are. Sooooo tired. but with 7 nippels  and 10 puppies always 3 have nothing to eat. Then the bottle has to go. In the meantime, we are already on 2  filled with Esbilac puppy milk with Brinta babyporredge. The smallest is not the smallest anymore. This is one of the males and he does not want to drink at the bottle at all. Then, hopefully, he’ll stick to the ground beef starting tomorrow.

2 girls are still available.

in the whelping box

8 days old

It was again photoshoottime  for our puppies. Now 8 days old on Wednesday. Everything goes like it should be , drinking, growing  and sleeping. Lola is a very loving mother and is very careful with her puppies . Slowly but surely the eyes will open. 

A male and two bitches are still available