21 February 2022

Excitement in Maaseik

It was necessary. The painter had to paint the ground floor, entrance hall, hallway upstairs and downstairs and the staircase. 3.5 weeks restlessness for our dogs. Our dogs immediately took the painter Erwin to their hearts and he was greeted with a smile every day. “Doro” our old girl sleeps a lot and found it disturbing that she couldn’t snore in peace in her seats.

We had to leave our dogs outside a lot and in the dog house. Only Doro and Norman found this beneath their dignity and barked. As the kitchen and laundry room were finished, they had to stay there. Anna was lucky and was “overlooked” …

She lay down on the dog cushion with Doro.

The “poor” Norman had to sit on the bare floor and it was clear to see that he didn’t liked it

from time to time some of the other dogs were allowed to stay in the kitchen. There is then little room to move safely there….

In the evenings, the two and four-legged friends in the Loest-Roeland home had space again in the living room.

“Norman” followed the crime thriller Wilsberg together with his son “Sky”.