30 April 2023

Top in Holland, Germany, Sweden and Norway

Our “Norman” was the most successful stud dog in Germany in 2021. Only 4 of his offspring gained points: Tannhäuser, Sexygirl, Rock me Amadeus and Antoinia von den Wasen Bobby’s.

These 4: Tannhäuser, Sexigirl and Rock me Amadeus were rarely shown at exhibitions in 2022. But his daughter “Antoinia von den Wasen Bobby’s” bred and owned by the Schlander family scored so many points that she became the most successful show dog in Germany in 2022. As a result, Multi Ch. “Norman Harrison aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal” became 2nd Best Stud Dog 2022.

Norman is home with us and is the loveliest Norman we have. We enjoy this special dog every day

His son “Rock me Amadeus” is on the 11th place as a successful stud dog in 2022


In the Netherlands:

Uschi Glas is the most successful show bitch in 2022 with only 6 shows. Also in the top 35 are: Unisono, Love’n Stuff Elbeurstromtal, Ultrachic, Rock me Amadeus and Seejungfrau. Double  of the points you could win  at the two club shows of the breed clubs. We haven’t been to those shows for many many years

r ages.             

10. Unisono   84

Uschi Glas     Top Show teef Netherlands 2022                                  Ultrachic No 7

    Ultrachic aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

No 9 Love ‘N Stuff Elbe-Urstromtal                                                                 No 10 Unison0


Nr. 18 Rock me Amadeus 50 points with 2 shows                                         Nr. 35 Seejungfrau 16 Points with 1 show



In Norway, it was Grete Roed’s Ch. “Turandot” and Asne Koch’s “Ursula Karven” that made the top ten.

Turandont in number 2 and Ursula Karven in 6th place with very few shows.

We are very proud of our dogs

         Turandot aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal Turandot

Ursula Karven

got this news from Amilia Helin, Sweden

DK, SE, NO UCH Seepferdchen aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal was top male showdog in Sweden 2022! And what makes me just as proud is that number 1, 3 and 8 on the same list are puppies after him. Thank you Cornelia Loest for this extraordinary boy, he is truly wonderful 🥳❤️ Old English Sheepdogs aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal