1 October 2021


There are of course many people from abroad who buy a puppy from me. It’s not always easy because these puppies have to stay with me for 7 weeks longer. A Mamout task !!! These teenagers need fun and socialization. That is a lot of work. This time there were 4 puppies from the litter of “Sidney” ….. ok, 1 is my own “Uschi”, but Stella, Casper and Weekend had to make this journey with me until 30-9-2021. Now they are allowed to move to their new families in England and Norway. I finally have time to take care of my “Uschi” and give her all the attention she deserves.

Stella and Uschi regularly went for walks with us.

                       and Casper and Weekend in the center of Maaseik

Stella and Uschi had to be washed and then learned to dry in the dryer box


then Aunt Willy comes to visit and to entertain “Caper” and “Weekend”


“Skipper” lives with Mama Sidney just around the corner and is of course spoiled by his Mama.

now “Uschi Glas” is pampered exclusively by Paul and me.

                                 Photos with 13 weeks