26 June 2011

sunshine pure

Today we had lots of sun and therefor our puppies had to undergo a hugh “adventure”. For the first time they walked outside on grass. This of course is “very dangerous” and they had to moan alot. But for the 4 week picture this has to happen. Tomorrow they will have their second wormcure. The puppies start to play with each other and are standing firm. Also they scrabble in the whole puppyarea and they still sleep a lot. For the first time this week they had fresh meat and cottage cheese. In no time, everthing was eaten.

the 5 malepuppies were the easiest to coach for the glamourphoto again.


the smallest one sings the loudest


finally mummy Pebbles showed up and we had refreshments……. fresh milk directly from the “factory”


HRH “Texas” paid a courtessy visit


and because all were so sweet and had done a good job they got something nice to eat. REGAL Puppyfood and fresh mincemeat……… delicious