9 June 2015

Socke’s puppies 5 weeks old

Socke’s puppies are genious. They are so clever, that they have discoverd with their 4,5 week, you can get outside through the cat hatch. I am keeping the hatch open constantly, meaning the hatch itself is open, but they know the way. Now they only have to learn, to open the hatch themselves. Since last Sunday, there are no more newspapers on the floor in the front part, because the we-know-it-all puppies are doing their needs in the utmost cases in the back part. The needs are done on the gravel outside. Only twice to three times per day you find something on the concrete floor. This I normally only seen with our Bearded Collie puppies. You can imagine that I am happy, that these puppies by Jarco and Socke are soo clever. All of them are more than satisfied and eat 1x per day, 750 grams of minced meat and otherwise many cups of soaked Earthborn Puppyfood. Next week we will start to give fresh meat to the little ones. That will be turkey necks, sardines or large chicken tighs. Something they also like to eat are the carcasses of a duck. Also on the programme for next week is a visit of the veterinarian. Saturday, they will be six weeks old and that is the time to be chipped and get their first vaccination. Seen the fact that we will be in Milan/Italy until Monday and my husband has to get back to work directly afterwards, you will have to live without pictures this time. However, we have made a couple of small video’s, we will send to you on request.

Socke 5 Weeks 2nd boygroup

“On Demand” is in option until Thursday 11-06-2015 after that we will know if he will become a citizen of Rotterdam.

Socke 5 weeks on demand gapen Socke 5 weeks on demand head

For our “on Special Delivery” Rebecca and Jack from Apeldoorn/NL will come over to visit this weekend. Let’s wait and see if he can conquer their hearts in a heart beat

Socke 5 weeks on special delivery sit

For our “Out of Order” we are still in search of a wonderful home

Socke 5 weeks out of order sit

the 2nd group of males.

Socke 5 Weeks first boygroup

“Onces Favorite” has been reserved. He will live in China together with his sister

Socke 5 Weeks Ones favorite sit

also our wonderful “On Special Request” has found a wonderful new family.

Socke 5 weeks on special request head

Socke 5 weeks on special request head 2

“Oh dear Harry” is expectantly expected by the Bing family.

Socke 5 weeks Oh dear harry

our 3 ladies

“Ones Princess” has been reserved and will be looked after and spoiled by 5 ladies.

Socke 5 weeks 3 girls

“Occupied” is available. She is a very sweet puppy, who can’t get enough from stroking and hugging moments. She is quiet and well-balanced, as it should be with an Old English Sheepdog.

Socke 5 Weeks Occupied head

Our princess “Oxford Maid” is a real “PRINCESS” and knows she is something special. She has will live in China with his litterbrother

Socke 5 weeks Oxford Maid outside Socke Oxford maid head

and this is the father of the puppies, “Jarco of Snowboot Bears”

Jarco of Snowbootbears

jarco of snowbootbears 2