19 December 2012

“Socke’s” babies were born 15-12-2012

“Socke” (Ch. Himmlisch aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) had a big round belly.She had no intentions to wait, until I had returned from a show in the UK. She decided to scare me and Daisy (our home and dog sitter), to give birth to her babies on day 58 of her pregnancy. In fact she could have waited another two days. The full pregnancy was finished on Thursday 20-12, on day 63. Thanks to a fast and very kind veterinarian, our Liesbeth Vanholen, who was on the scene within 15 minutes and took control over the situation, everything went fine. Mister Bechstedt, the owner of Socke (Bandita and Holly) was also present within the hour. Until midnight all 10 babies where born. There are 7 males and 3 bitches. Socke and her babies are doing well, this in contrast with me, the tired breeder.

The first “Glamour Photo” made on Sunday evening


3,5 days old the 7 boys


3,5 days old the 3 girls