27 March 2023

“Sidney” Ch. Queensize aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

“Sidney” is the beautiful mother of our “Uschi”. She had 2 litters in 2020 and 2021. Now in March we were hoping for her 3rd and last litter. It should be the repetition of Uschi. The Ultrasound  on 27-2-2023, showed instead of puppies, a purulent uterine infection  and we had to act very quickly. The uterus had to be removed. Thanks to the good care of Uschi Thelen, were she lives, “Sidney” survived everything perfectly. But I cried a lot of tears rhat I lost  my excellent  breeding bitch. I really wanted to keep a puppy from this litter.

Being a breeder is not always easy.

the long, large scar has healed well.

“Sidney”lives with her brother “Dash” and guards the entrance gate


These are the two “blue bloods” as Uschi and I call the two nobles.

In the Thelen house there is also ” Boomer”, who is only “normal blood”…. “Sidney” has the 2 guys completely under control