2 June 2014

Pebbles puppies 6 weeks old

In the mean time, 6 weeks have gone by. The 11 Pebbles puppies are a joyful gang and despite the large amount of work, we have enourmous good times with them. They are clean and tide. All of them do their large an little needs outside on the gravel. Not even under the roof anymore. They eat large amounts of Earthborn puppy food and slowly we start giving them minced meat and other kinds of fresh meat. We had postponed the feeding of fresh meat, due to the fact that they had diarrhea in the fourth week. Now they are completely fit again. A couple of days ago they where allowed to go on the meadow and the large outside area to play, together with mama Pebbles. She is a wonderful dog mother, who loves to play with the little ones and teaches them alot. This is costing me alot of time, as I take the luxery to watch all of this. Something that makes your heart melt. They are beautiful puppies, all of them are short, compact, with beautiful heads. The eyes are very dark, something that is a rare phenomenon now these days under the Bobtails. With some of them, the pigment around the eyes is already complete and for others it takes a little bit longer. Ten puppies have, in the mean time, found wonderful addresses, all with experienced Bobtail Lovers. Our girl “Nordsee”, had to be changed and is therfore the only one in the littler, who is still available. So, should you be looking for a friendly, kind and sweet Bobtail lady, than we have the dog for you, that suits you best. Another thing which is nice to know, is the fact that this litter has become a BE-NE-GER litter. All puppies will go to BElgium, NEtherlands and GERmany.

“Nordsee” Bitch, 6 weeks old and still available. She will go to New-Zealand.


Sunday afternoon we had visitors and due to their help, it was possible to get all 7 males in one row, all looking in the same direction. However, the picture is not as sharp as it should be. This was discovered when redacting the pictures…. Our apologies for this. But therefore, on the other hand, they are all clean and neat.


from left to right: 

No Time to Tango, Northpole, Nochmal, No Spare parts, Nothing to declare. Nordic Walking, Nobody but Bommel

the 4 girls


Nononsens, Nonstop, Now I am Exquisite, Nordsee

this is, sofar, the latest news about this litter.