20 May 2014

Pebbles puppies 4 weeks old

Last Saturday, the first half had gone by. That is to say, that our Pebbles puppies are 4 weeks old. Another 4 weeks and the first ones will pack their suitcases and leave us. From the 7 males and 4 females, 4 males and 1 girl are still available. The little ones have totally found their new place in the new kindergarden. Finally since 3 days, they do their large needs in the back part of the kennel. The peeying is still not as it should be but is getting better by the day. Pebbles walks in to her puppies 4 to 5 times per day, to give them fresh milk. The rest of the time, she likes to chill or eats all the food from the others. Finally the 2nd wurm cure was on the schedule, but this has been postponed with a couple of days.
The little ones all do have a little bit of a thin stool, nothing serious, it happens, but the stool has to be steadier first. Twice per day they receive a pill to get the intestinal flora back in order. As soon as we find the first steady piles in the puppy-ren, the joy is enormous. Last week I wrote that our puppies behave like pigs. This is also improving. They are now all gathered around the food court, but some do have their feet in the manger and the small bitch has to lay down in the food to eat the rest. Than it is Saturday again and people are expecting the weekly pictures. I have seriously asked myself the question, if my reputation will be harmed when making pictures of such dirty puppies. NO, this is not done, so on Sunday the complete gang had to be washed.

Before = After

4 weeks before and after bathing

“Bommel” had to go into the shower first and was than rubbed dry with a towel.

4 weeks Bommel got a bath

afterwards they went into the drying-box, who spreads 41 degrees warm air. All remained very calm and some even fell asleep.

4 weeks all in the dryer

the last handling is done with a blow-drier.

4 weeks and a bit more drying

after this was done, the ladies where allowed to go first. The 4 fresh washed and cleaned ladies.

4 weeks the girls

a group of 4 males. Because I was alone I didn’t want to take any risks without the help of a 2nd person to get all 7 in the picture at the same time.

4 weeks group boy 1

the last groep of the 7 males. These 3 where still a little moist around the head, because I did not want to place the blow-drier in their faces too much.

4 weeks group boys 2

They where tired and had to do their afternoon nap first.

4 weeks me and my Panda

all are dreaming.

Foto 2

Once again we are at the point, that I have to think about the namings of the puppies from this litter. ALL names will start with an “N” in 2014. To keep at least a little of an overview, when I have more than 1 litter, I match the names to a theme. Or as in this case, the first to letter will be the same, N0….

Nonstop, Nothing to declare, Northeast, Nordic Walking, Northpol, Nobody but Bommel (reserved), Now I am ……. (reserved), No spare parts, Nochmal, No time to Tango(reserved) and Now Definitly Exquisite (reserved)