12 May 2014

Pebbles puppies 3 weeks old

During the last 4 days, we had a period of mega stress and therefore quickly produced some pictures. More to come.

In the meantime it is Wednesday evening and the stress level is still 99.9%.

But first to our 11 puppies. Last week Wednesday the moved to the larger puppy ren. The whelping box in the kitchen, simply had become to small for the whole gang. In the mean time they are doing well in their new surrounding  and since today, the back part of theri ren has also been openen to them. Lets hope that they quickly learn to do their large needs in this part. At this moment it is still “Bobtail puppy like” and are they doing their needs, where they stand at that moment. We have also stopped with feeding bottled milk and replaced this by giving them soaked Earthborn mixed with canned Terra Canis Puppy food. To eat decent is noy yet their standard and are the puppies looking like little pigs when they have finished eating.

The males (only later it was noticed that during the photo session, one was forgotten)


the 4 girls


it was too crowdy in the whelping box

2 weeks eating

Paz Davidovic from Israel spend us a visite. Wonderful helper with the photo shooting


everybody is sleeping