6 May 2014

Pebbles puppies 2 weken

Last Saturday, Pebbles her puppies where 2 weeks old. Time for a first worm cure. All have tripples their weights, as it should be. Some of them already have their eyes and ears completely opened, others only half. But that will change as of tomorrow. All of them are looking very curious into the world. Daily they receive 3 to 4 times a bottle of milk, in the meantime filled with a kind of porridge for puppies and eagerly drunken. Pebbles has to accomplish an enormous prestation, by producing such an amount of milk for her puppies. Four times per day, she eats a large bowl of food and in between some snacks. Over the next couple of days, I will try to offer steady food to the puppies. Lets see if our 11 are hungry enough.

To get a picture of 7 males in a row is not going to work, therefore they are split up in the 3 largest and 4 normal ones. The picture itself, I think is very funny with the 2 black ears, equally looking to the left and the right.


the 4 “normal ones”. I am totally in love with their beautiful heads


of course our 4 girls are the friendliest again an look straight into the camera. The two on the right where our smallest ones. One weighed 230 grams at birth and the other 280 grams….


nearly all in one line

peppels 2weeks