23 November 2017

November 2017 Worldshow Leipzig

Leipzig World’s Fair on 11.11.2017
Preparation takes a long time, because for a world exhibition you have to look outstanding. Washing, brushing and trimming is very time consumming. For such an event you have to prepare thoroughly. At least that’s what I thought. I also always thought that a male must have two equal sized testicles in order to win at exhibitions. The coat color should not be brown for a champion male.
None of this applies to a world show. All owners of the Champion class males had certainly invested as much work as me and we were all in great splendor there. Our boys were Clean and perfectly brushed. Except for one, as he obviously did not need it. Top dogs were sent out of the ring unplaced by the judge John Wauben from the Netherlands, for example, Dorota with the great “Macopes Aspen”. The Crufts group winner “Ayakas Pegasos” was also demoted. “Nochmal aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”, who had won the CACIB 2 days earlier at the German Winner Show with the breed specialist Mrs. Heidi Müller, received a “very good”. The bitch “Shaggy Blue Bobs Undercover Girl”, also got the same mark even though she was Best of Breed at the two shows before the World Show and third in the group. “On Top aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”, who also wins a lot, had to creep out of the ring on this day in Leipzig with a “very good” too. I got 2nd with “Norman” in Champion-class without Res-Best Male. Believe me on that day I would rather not have been placed at all. Norman did not belong in second place, he was far too clean and much too well brushed. He is also a real male with 2 testicles of the same size. No, this second place should have been given to someone else. I was embarrassed to be there. The outrage over judging the bobtails at the World’s Fair had been very much in vogue and of course no one publicly said what he thinks. In the run-up on Facebook there had been quite a few comments that people had not registered for the world show because of this judge. I have known Mr. Wauben for many years and could not quite understand it. I was wrong.
The bitch “Shaggy blue Bobs Umberta @Blue Zottels” won Best  of Breed, the applause was great and I think that 99% of the OES exhibitors were more than happy with that. Ms. Leonhardt achieved a great 4th place in the group. Congratulations again, they have saved the reputation of our Bobtails at this show.
Of course, there were many happy winners, who could not be begrudged. Anyway, I’ve talked to a lot of old hands, all of whom were universally very shocked. I am the only person writing something down about it. I just cannot bottle this up and let it fester.
Norman on the Thursday before departure

in our Hotelroom the evening before the show

the ring were the Bobtails were judged

Championclass Male

Nochmal and Norman Harrison

  1. Youandi Grand Cry                                                                                    Best Male and Worldwinnderster Youandi Grand Cry , Res- Male Danish Delight U R the one
  2.  Norman Harrison aus dem Elbe- Urstromtal
  3. One Oneiro Die Nobilpazzi
  4. Danish Delgiht Quaterback

Geplaatst door Susanna Malacrida op maandag 13 november 2017

Dorota (wearing a pink jacket)  and  Ch. Lafayette aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal

all classwinnder: Male, Veteran, Junior best Male         Bitches: Veteran, Junior and Best Bitch


Best of Breed was Mrs. Leonhardt with her “Ch. Shaggy blue Bob’s Umberta@Blue Zottel”, Best Male “Youandi Grand Cry”, Best Veteran  “Danish Delight Mary go round” (a daughter of my late Eldorado aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal) and Best Junior ” Danish Delight Yasmina” Fotos Mrs.  Noll vom DOESC

The OES people are still brilliant and know how to celebrate. After completing the judging, many exhibitors from different countries had brought treats, which we enjoyed together


Slibovic with Ivan