27 October 2012

Nieuwegein/NL and Rakvere/Est.

Utrecht has a new hall and is placed in Nieuwegein/NL. A modern hall, but for my feeling a little too small. There was hardly any place to walk from front to back through the hall. Imagine with a dog. At the toilet for dogs were no waist buckets for those who wanted to get rid of the bags with the products produced by their dogs. Also in the hall you had to search well for a waist bucket. In the complete hall you could find cat litter that had been used to cover the pee’s and other messages left behind by many four legged. By the way it was stuffy in this hall, possible caused by the heat outside. The Bigring was big and the prizes little. The entry fee was € 55 per dog, maybe not enough for the large cup you could win after having been placed in the Group. But every start is difficult and we wait patiently for the next Show in 2013.

The English All rounder Brenda Banbury had 11 OES to judge. I had left “Kingsize” at home to be able to concentrate fully on “Doro”. She was that day 27 month old and old enough to win her last ticket to become a Netherlands Champion. Tickets she had already won enough but you have to be 27 month old to win this title. That means that your last ticket had to be won when the dog is at least 27 months of age.

And it worked! Doro won at a glance and also became Best of Breed. Under Mrs. van Deijl/NL she finaly became 4th in the large Group 1. Chris Beirendonk was with her “Coco Chanelle aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”in the Youth Class and became 3rd.

New Netherlands Champion “Jadore aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”, judge Mrs. Brenda Banbury, BOS and also NL-Ch. “Youandi Antaeus” owned by Inge van Engelen

BOB-and-BOS-F.-Fokke show Utrecht

Jadore on the 4th Place in the Group. Why Photographer Ernst van Scheven used a winter landscape as background with an outside temperature of 22 degrees Celcius in October, will remain his secret.

BOB-and-new-NLCh Jadore

and this is how “Doro” looked at Friday morning BEFORE the show and also again on Wednesday


Rita Tali was with her “Kaffelatte aus dem Elbe-Urstromtal”  in Estland at two shows in Rakvere. On Saturday, Mrs. E. Ruskovaara from Finland judged the Bobtails. Kaffelatte became Best Junior of the Breed and in the big ring she ended with the last 8 of all junior dogs, judged by Mrs. A. Belin/RUS. Sunday the 21th October it was Mrs. B. Petkezivca/Letland, who judged the Junior Group. Once more she became Best Junior Of Breed and 4th in the Group of Junior Dogs. A very good start for a successful show career.